Saturday 11 February 2017

विद्युत क्षेत्र (Electric Field)

VIDHYUT SHETRA(electric field)

VIDHYUT SHETRA(electric field) :- kisi vidhyut aavesh athva aavesh samuday ke charo or ka vh shetra jisme aavesh athva aaveso ki upastithi ka anubhav anya aaveso dvara kiya ja sake , vidhyut setra khalata hai.

  • vidhyut setra ek sadish rashi(vector quantity)  hai. ise  E dvara darsaya jata hai.
  • garafiy vidhi(grafical method) dvara vidhyut bal rekhao(electric lines of force) se E ko darsaya jata hai.
VIDHYUT SHETRA KI TIVARTA(intensity of electri field) :- vidhyut shetra me kisi bindu par ,vidhyut setra ki tivarta(E) us bindu par rakhe pariksan aaves(test charge) ke parti ekank dhan aaves (unit positive charge) par aaropit(acted) vedhyut bal(electric force) ke barabar(equal) hoti hai.

WHERE :-  E = electric field
                    F = electric force
                    Q = test charge
                    q = probe charge
                   K = constant
                    d = distance b/w Q and q
  • ydi  kisi sthan par vidhyut shetra ek se adhik aaves(Q1,Q2,Q3,.........,Qn)  ke karan ho to parinami(resultant) vidhyut shetra ki tivarta -
E = E1 + E2 + E3  .........+ En
  • vidhyut shetra ki tivarta ek sadish rashi(vector quantity) hai , jiski disa pariksan-dhan aavesh(test-positive charge) par aaropit bal(acted force) ki disha me hoti hai.
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