Friday 10 February 2017

कूलाम का नियम (Coulomb's low)

COULOMB KA NIYAM(coulomb's low)

COULOMB'S LOW :- is niyam ke anusar(according to this low) kinhi do sthir bindu aaveso(two point charges) q &q' ke bich karyrat aakarsan or partikarsan bal(force) (F) , dono aaveso ke pariman ke gunanfal ke samanupati(directly proportional) evam inke bich ki duri(distance) ke varg(square) ke vyutkarmanupati(inversely proportional) hota hai.
  • yh bal(force) , hmesa in bindu aaveso ko milane vali reka ke anudis karya karta hai

where :- q = first point charge
               q' = second point charge
               k = constant
               r = distance between point charges
               F = coulomb or electric force
where , K us kuchalak maghyam(medium) ka paravedhyutank(dielectric constant) athva visisht paravedhyutta khte hai.

coulomb low ko ham sadis rup(vector form) me bhi nimn anusar likh sakte hai - 
  •   yha se ham dekh sakte hai ki dono forces ki disa viparit(opposite) hai. to ham inme relation(sambandh) bta sakte hai
  • (first aaves q dvara second aaves q' par lagaya gya force) = - (second aaves q' dvara first aaves q par lagaya gya force)
  • dono forces ka pariman brabar(equal) hota hai
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